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As a corporate design agency, we support you in creating authentic brand communication and developing the visual identity of your company together. A corporate design includes logo design, colours, fonts, icons and other graphic elements and contributes to the memorability of your brand. Your corporate design should be used consistently throughout your corporate communications to create a unified image. During the creation process, we place particular focus on your company’s identity, audience and field of business.

Analysis of your brand, including values, goals and audience

Design concept with the help of Stylescapes

Realisation of the corporate design for required media

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Authentic brand communication with your corporate design.

For us as an advertising agency, a great corporate design includes elements such as the logo design, the colour scheme, the definition of fonts and a unified visual language. This way, we create a unique identity for your company. Your corporate design should be immediately recognisable and stand out from other market players.

On the way to your own corporate design, we take into account factors such as your corporate values, your audience and the business environment in which you operate. It is furthermore important to us that the design is flexible enough to work over a long period of time. With your authentic corporate identity and the corporate design that builds on it, we help to build trust and create a strong brand identity.

Creating your corporate design

When creating your corporate design, our team starts with a careful analyse of your brand, audience and company values. As a rule, the collaboration begins with a team workshop to quickly find the right direction. We use stylescapes as a tool to define the intended visual direction and to present first ideas. Finally, we develop the individual elements that are necessary for your corporate design and provide you with everything you need.

Corporate Design Manuals

Our corporate design team offers to create a corporate design manual to make sure that your brand is seen in a cohesive way. The manual contains clear guidelines on colours, fonts and the use of logos and graphic elements. With a well-thought-out corporate design manual, your co-workers and partners can represent your brand correctly and build a strong brand identity.

Protection of your brand

Protecting your brand is extremely important to prevent your corporate design from being copied or misused. We are happy to help you protect your brand and offer full support with registration. Specially designed logos with trademark symbols signal to the outside world that your brand is protected and create more trust in your enterprise.

Use of the Corporate Design

The final step of a corporate design project is for us to apply the design to various media for your company. We design business cards, stationery, presentation templates and the look and feel of your social media profiles. The design of a website is also an important part of our work and can be realised if required.

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