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Success stories begin with a powerful corporate identity.

Corporate identity plays an important role in marketing. A well-thought-out corporate identity is the basis for a powerful brand presence. From logo design to corporate communications, company culture and employee behaviour – it makes sure that your company sends a clear message and is impressive. For us, creating and developing a corporate identity involves consciously designing and positioning all the visual, verbal and symbolic elements that represent your company and define its identity.

Workshops as a basis for creating a corporate identity

Concept and definition of tonality and behaviour

Genuine marketing through clear positioning

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What are the most important components of corporate identity?

A company’s corporate identity is characterised by a number of different elements. For us as an advertising agency, these include logo design, corporate colours, typography, visual language, linguistic style, employee behaviour and brand communication. These elements should harmonise to create a unified identity. A powerful corporate identity strengthens client trust, retains employees and leads to long-term success for the enterprise.

Corporate Identity Workshops

Our workshops on creating a corporate identity allow you to develop or strengthen a corporate identity together with our team. We will explore and discuss a wide range of aspects of your brand and your business together. The workshops serve as a basis for developing the individual components of the corporate identity and define the vision, mission and values – as well as formulating a clear brand message.

Corporate Design Creation

When designing your online marketing activities, it is essential for the long-term success of your business that you do not lose touch with your audience. We plan your marketing strategy with the most important components for your success. This includes optimising the website, creating high-quality content, improving search engine rankings, using social media and email marketing, and strategic online advertising.

Communication Strategy

As a corporate identity agency, we support you in defining a powerful communication strategy that allows your business to effectively communicate with its audience. We define the right channels and media, create content and develop a clear message. A good strategy involves identifying and analysing the audience and understanding their needs and expectations. Together, we define a realistic schedule for when and how often communication activities should be carried out. The success of the strategy is regularly checked and reviewed in order to make adjustments.

Corporate Design Manual

We create a corporate design manual as an indispensable tool for your company to present its visual identity transparently and concisely. It will serve as a guideline for the entire team. Our brand manuals cover all the relevant topics, such as logo design, colour palettes, typography and image use. As an advertising agency, we place great importance on defining and documenting all relevant content in order to make working with your brand as easy as possible.

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