Marketing Consultancy for SMEs

Strategic marketing support for sustainable growth.

The possibilities in online marketing are endless, and that is exactly what confuses most of our clients. Our strategic marketing consultancy helps small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to design their marketing strategy more effectively and to achieve their business goals. With the help of workshops, a detailed analysis of audiences and competitors, and market research, our marketing consultancy team creates customised marketing strategies for your enterprise.

Realistic budget planning, continued controlling and maintenance are essential for your long-term success. Our marketing consultancy concept is designed to help you use your available resources efficiently and strengthen the brand’s competitiveness.

Audience and competitive analysis for sustainable success

Workshops on your brands and their position

Realistic resource planning for your marketing strategy

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What does our marketing consultancy involve?

As an advertising agency, we focus on the status quo and your business situation in marketing. Our marketing consultancy serves to analyse your marketing activities and to clarify your audience and your positioning towards other competitors. Based on this, we develop a customised marketing strategy that defines goals, audiences, positioning, messages and channels. Concrete marketing strategies are being planned and prioritised, and will be implemented in stages. The success of the measures is monitored and analysed so that adjustments can be made if required. We will support you with continuous marketing expertise throughout the entire implementation process.

Analysing your Marketing needs

At the start of a marketing consultancy, we analyse your needs. We want to understand what your goals, wishes and needs are. Our focus is on defining which topics we will focus on together and what resources we have available to do so. The key to effective marketing consultancy is analysing your current situation and the situation on the market.

Realisation of your Marketing Strategy

The realisation of your marketing strategy is another service we offer as an advertising agency. Once our marketing team has clearly defined your goals and plans, our team will help you to put them into action. This is where the expertise of our team and our network comes into play. Based on your marketing strategy, we put together a team for you that takes care of creating designs, content and realising campaigns.

Development of the Marketing Strategy

A good marketing strategy is essential for the long-term success of your business. The development is made up of several steps and initially involves a thorough market analysis to understand client needs and the competition. Then we define clear goals and audiences. To set you apart from the other candidates, we highlight your USP (unique selling point). Realistic resource and budget planning is important so that we are not surprised by any great changes during realisation.

Maintenance of your Marketing Activities

Checking your marketing activities regularly is essential to guarantee that they remain as effective as possible and deliver the required results. That is why we recommend that you have your marketing measures monitored by an accompanying marketing expert. In doing so, we review the audience, update content, analyse the performance of campaigns and keep an eye on the budget. These steps require time and attention, but are fundamental to the long-term success of your marketing campaigns. In the end, what counts for us is the ROI (return on investment) to create sustainable success.

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